A letter from Michael Nehlsen

We as citizens of the United States of America can never fully give back enough to our veterans or their families for the sacrifices they have made in our name, and continue to make each and every day. Nor should we as a nation underestimate the impact their sacrifices have on our life experiences or the choices we make.

As a young man, I had the privilege to serve my country, In the United States Air Force on Active Duty from 1984-88. During this time I saw and experienced intimately the sacrifices service members and their families were expected to make. Many of these selfless sacrifices go unacknowledged by the general population, but they exist nonetheless, and the toll they can take can be considerable.

Unlike many of these brave warriors, I came home to my family physically unscathed. However, my heart will always remain steadfast to my fellow veterans. Ready to plunge back into civilian life, I joined the New Jersey Air National Guard as an Active Guardsman from 1988 -1990 and again with the Air Force Reserves as an Active Reservist from 2005-2008. I continue to be deeply appreciative of the struggles faced by our service members, and am committed to helping them achieve their goals.

Not only is this motorcycle trip a great way for Hillmann Consulting, LLC and myself to show our gratitude and appreciation to these past and present warriors and their families, but I respectfully believe the same can be said of our colleagues, professional associates, friends, and families. Together we have the opportunity to make change and give Hope For The Warriors® our collective support to impact service members, military families, and families of the fallen.


Michael Nehlsen

United States Air Force "Active Duty" 1984 - 1988, 52nd TFW, Spangdahlem AB Germany (USAFE) & the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, Kunsan AB, S. Korea (PACAF)
New Jersey Air National Guard "Active Guard" 1988 - 1990, McGuire Air Force Base, 108th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW)
United States Air Force Reserve "Active Reservist" 2005 - 2008 , McGuire Air Force Base, 514 Air Mobility Wing, (AMW)